Turn the CRAP to KEEP!

How many times have you decided that you are going to lose weight and get healthy?  How many times did you say to yourself “I’m serious this time, I’m going to make changes for good”? 

And how many times have you made it 2, maybe even 5, days being really ‘good’ and then rewarded yourself with a slice of pizza and a glass of prosecco only to berate yourself for failure, thrown in the towel and resorted to comfort eating until the following Monday to try it all over again? ‍‍

Many of us will relate to this feeling because, let’s face it, losing weight and getting healthy for good is really hard.  It takes more than just a bit of willpower, motivation and a healthy food shop to see real lasting results.  The internet and social media has helped us all obtain the information we need from all the ‘experts’ for free telling us the best way to get results quick…. How to cut the carbs, hack our hormones, eat low fat, eat high fat, only drink celery juice etc etc…!!

So what is standing in our way of achieving our goals?  Having worked with many women and been through a 10-year journey to better health following 10 years of struggling with my weight and, in hindsight, my health, I think it is all a lot of CRAP!






With all the information out there the first one has to be Confusion and information overload.  Have you ever wondered…

  • Health v weight which should I focus on? Aren’t they the same?
  • Should I count calories, macros or nutrients?
  • Which diet is best for me, keto, carb cycling, fasting etc?
  • Why is ‘Eat less Move More’ not working for me?
  • I can’t start before I know and understand everything!
  • I have so much information I don’t know where I start! 

We need to change that confusion to knowledge, focus on one or two science based qualified sources when it comes to nutrition e.g. Dr Hyman or Dale Pinnock.  Keep YOU at the centre when focusing on what will work for you in your life?


The next one is Responsibility, or lack of it. Are we really taking ownership of our health and weight loss journey? Taking control and making decisions for ourselves? Making it a priority and giving it the time it deserves?  Are you making excuses like…

  • but we went out for dinner
  • but my husband bought me a chocolate bar
  • but I don’t have time
  • but I can’t run
  • but my kids wanted pizza
  • but I can’t do it on my own I need someone else to give me a meal plan and exercise routine

We need to change this lack of responsibility to Empowerment, once you have the knowledge and take ownership for your health it will become a priority and the actions and choices you make become all the more empowering.


Next, we have Awareness, or lack of it. We can’t make meaningful sustainable changes until we bring some awareness and understanding to what we are doing, when and why.  Consider…

  • what are you actually doing with your time and why?
  • when are you actually snacking or drinking alcohol and why?
  • how are you actually sleeping and why?
  • how do you actually exercise and why?
  • where are you actually trying to get to and why?
  • what have your dieting, health and fitness been like in the past and why?

We need to change this lack of awareness into Experience, we need to become an expert on ourselves without rose tinted glasses!! Being honest with ourselves without judgement and negative self-talk.  This new Experience and knowledge will guide our choices and lead to real habit change.


Lastly, it has to be Patience, or again lack of it!  In this generation we expect instant gratification, we have lost the ability to wait.  We want and expect results now or at least as quick as Dawn who lives next door!!  But ‘all good things come to those who wait’.  So why do we…

  • feel like we are failing if we don’t lose 3lbs a week every week?
  • talk negatively to ourselves when the scales don’t comply with our expectations?
  • find consistency so hard?
  • always want to follow the next new thing because it might bring quicker results?

We need to change this lack of Patience into Perseverance.  Learn to enjoy the process and not focus too closely on the end goal, small daily steps and weekly targets are the most important thing and celebrating every little win however small. Build consistency over time and it becomes a habit that is second nature and just part of your routine.

The Solution: KEEP 





  • Keep it simple – Lots of lean protein, fibre rich carbs – mostly from veg, healthy fats – more vegetables oh and some more vegetables!!
  • Keep walking every day
  • Keep drinking lots of water
  • Keep making healthy swaps for the less healthy options in your diet
  • Keep prioritising sleep
  • Keep making the choices for YOU!

However, sometimes the thing we really need is a voice of understanding and someone who can support you on your health and weight loss journey.  I love to bring people together and help to support them to achieve long-term sustainable health together. 

Contact me via my email info@timetonourish.co.uk and learn more about my Time to Nourish For Life Programme launching soon.