Time to Nourish

Host your own 2-3 hour tailored cooking demonstrations for you and your friends (max 10) in your own kitchen or other suitable venue.

3 hours cookery session in your home or mine demonstrating and teaching personalised pre selected recipes. Anticipate 3-5 recipes dependant on selection.

1.5 hour session including a larder assessment, provision of a tailored shopping list relating to personalised meal plan or recipe selection and a joint shopping trip to relevant supermarket or farmers market for ingredients.

Initial Consultation

1 hour face to face or phone consultation where a full history will be taken and a clear picture established of current situation.

Bespoke Meal Plan

Post consultation personalised meal plan or recipe selection will be created and sent via email.

Follow-up Consultation

30 min phone follow up to discuss personalised meal plans with clear explanation of the recipes selected and answering any further questions.

If you need help to stock your fridge and freezer with delicious and nutritious food then I can prepare and cook recipes of your choosing ready for collection.

Small events and retreats – please contact me by email at or via the contact page to discuss requirements