Hands up who set a health related New Year’s Resolution?

Was it the same last year? And the year before?

I know, this year will be different, you feel super motivated and determined to stick with it this year.

I hear you, I’m with you!  Let’s do this!

A little heads up before we get going ……. Statistics show that by Valentine’s Day a third of us will have caved and given up on the New Year’s resolution.

I saw a great acronym highlighting the reasons your health goal may become at risk of the CLIFF edge…

C – can’t find the time

L – Lack of a SMART goal

I – ignoring (or not knowing) your current habits

F –frustration by lack of results

F – forgetting why you started

Any of those sound familiar? Do you want to be in the 20% (less if you are over 50!!?) that stick with it and reach their health goal without falling off the CLIFF? Then read on and let me help you leave the PAST behind, with my Top Tips for success.

P is for Planning – you must make a detailed plan of how you are going to reach your goal, including daily and weekly actions.  If healthy eating is your aim then meal planning and shopping in advance will be crucial.  If it is fitness then planning workouts not just the gym visit… what are you going to do when you get there?

A is for Achievable goal – set a SMART goal, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound.  If it is not a smart goal it will be too vague and your mind will play tricks with it, giving you excuses and work arounds to avoid the goal (especially if it requires effort). Then the goal become unachievable.

S is for Small Steps – your goal may be to stop eating processed food by this time next year.  That may be a massive mountain to climb but it is achievable, however not overnight, so break it down into smaller and smaller steps and mini goals to achieve on the journey.  This helps you to keep track of your progress, see results and motivates you to stick with it. Start with swapping processed snacks for healthy homemade versions or stop buying breakfast cereal and swap for home made granola or eggs to start the day.

T is for Take Responsibility – become more self-aware, look out for your current habits that relate to your goal, tune in to the excuses you tell yourself to give permission to follow an old habit which is not in line with your new goal.  Take responsibility for your actions, plan for when these situations arise to help keep you on track. For example, if you often pop to the shops to grab a quick snack when hunger hits in the afternoon, always have a healthy snack to hand so it is easier to have that than bother to go to the shop.

I have one last bit of advice…… Admit when you need help and seek it out!  I can help you with this right now!  Come and join my community of like-minded people, many of whom will have also set New Year health resolutions, to get support and advice on how to move forward and stay motivated with your Health Goals.  You can join my TRIBE here.

If you are local to Marlow I am also running some more FREE taster session for our 5 week Menu&Mind course starting in February.  These will be held on January 16th, for more information and to reserve a place click here.

Wishing you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!!