Menu & Mind

Do you want to become healthier?

Do you want to make long term sustainable change?

Do you want support and information to make healthy habit changes?

Have you followed a health plan and met your target then found that over time all the old habits creep back in and before you know it you’re back to square-one?

Menu&Mind is different

Building strong foundations for change with the combination of NLP techniques and Wholefood Eating Principles you will be able to take responsibility and build your own path and plan to achieve whatever goal you set yourself.

The path to long-term sustainable change incorporates both a healthy eating knowledge base and a clear understanding of your mindset. With Menu&Mind you will build your own path, set your own goals and decide your own habit changes.

Why do you need to build your own path and plan?

Everyone is different!!  Your starting point will be unique to you, your goals will be your own, you will have your own rate of change and your own personal experiences will define how you make those changes.

With support and guidance this is all possible

Those who attended the course with great success wanted to:

* Achieve weight loss

* Change eating habits for the family

* Change mindset around food

* Be more organized and manage multiple family dietary requirements

* Learn to take responsibility for their health and lifestyle

* Learn a wholefood frame-work for eating that works for them

What is involved in the course?

Menu&Mind is a 5 week course guiding you through the steps to build a firm foundation for your path to sustainable change. You will learn to:

Reframe current diet beliefs

Understand your existing eating and lifestyle habits


Learn to plan whole food meals

Learn new recipes using mental flexibility

Anchor new eating and lifestyle changes

Jo Keyes, Natural Chef and Anya Macfarlane, NLP practitioner, both have a passion for health and wellbeing and helping others to achieve long term sustainable changes for better health.  Join them and learn more at a free taster session. Email to find out more.