Beet Berry & Chia Smoothie Bowl

May 12, 2022Breakfast

The combination of nutrient dense berries and vegetables with some health fats and protein from the chia seeds along with hydrating coconut water makes this a delicious and nutritious breakfast, especially perfect for pre or post workouts.

Apple & Blueberry Flax Muffins

September 14, 2021Breakfast, Snacks

A great no added sugar on the go breakfast. With natural sweetness from banana, apple and blueberries and a wealth of omega 3 fats alongside good levels of fibre, these muffins are a truly healthy option…

Peach Melba Overnight Oats

August 27, 2020Breakfast

A great make ahead breakfast full of slow release carbohydrates balanced with added protein and good fats to sustain you all morning.