Being part of a Community can help with your Health

April 6, 2021Blog Posts

Do you try to eat more healthily but get bored or fed up and slip back into old habits?  You are not the only one! Do you get distracted or confused by the media and not know what is right for you? You are in good company! Do you wish your friends understood why you … Read More

What is Healthy Balance and how do we create it?

March 2, 2021Blog Posts

If you look up the word Balance it has so many meanings and definitions it is no wonder it’s all a bit of a mystery! Even if we define it as Life Balance it will mean something different to everyone. What is for certain is that creating balance in our lives is truly important to … Read More

7 Habits of Highly Healthy People!

January 11, 2021Blog Posts

It has been quite a year where many of us have felt out of control, routines have had to change and life has generally been turned upside down!!  But it is a New Year and there is light at the end of the tunnel (even if it is quite dim at the moment). When our … Read More

How to Stay Healthy this Christmas

December 7, 2020Blog Posts

It may feel like Christmas is going to be different this year, less large social gatherings and family get togethers or office parties, but don’t let this dupe us into thinking that ‘party’ season is cancelled and we don’t need to think about staying on track with our health during the festive time.  I think … Read More

Are you eating too much Sugar?

September 30, 2020Blog Posts

Do you know how much is too much when it comes to sugar consumption? Do you know how much you are eating? Processed foods are some of the worst culprits when it comes to hidden added sugars, but is it really so bad for you? How Much is Too Much? Official guidelines from the World … Read More

Hormones & The Menopause

September 13, 2020Blog Posts

Ladies, we cannot avoid the natural and normal phenomena that is the Menopause!! As females we were gifted in the womb with ovaries.  After about 4 decades they begin to retire, instigated by the drop in sex hormones and our bodies go from hormonal harmony to, for some women, what feels like a daily roller … Read More

Back to School – Healthy Breakfast

August 27, 2020Blog Posts

Top tips to set them up for the day I can’t quite believe that the summer holidays are nearly over and that it looks like they will ALL finally be going back to school now lockdown restriction have eased! Yippeee!!! There are a couple of things that worry me about my 3 kids (aged 10, … Read More

Health & Weight: Do we need to change the narrative??

August 15, 2020Blog Posts

How many of us tack our weight on a weekly or monthly basis; have scales in the bathroom or under the bed; give in to the guilty pleasure of jumping on to see if we have lost a few pounds so we can feel good about ourselves or to be wholly disappointed when the scales … Read More

Self-Catering UK Holidays Meal Planning and Preparation

July 15, 2020Blog Posts

I suspect there will be many families taking self-catering holidays in the UK this summer due to travel restrictions to many countries during the Covid epidemic. We will be one of those families and although I like my trips abroad, I LOVE my UK self-catering holidays.  I was brought up with them, but it was … Read More