Do you try to eat more healthily but get bored or fed up and slip back into old habits? 

You are not the only one!

Do you get distracted or confused by the media and not know what is right for you?

You are in good company!

Do you wish your friends understood why you are trying to priorities your health? 

You are not alone!

Support and Guidance is Key

What you need is to be surrounded by like-minded people who are heading in the same direction; people who you can share your experiences with, ask questions, receive advice and support, encouragement and accountability.

When you have a community like this motivation to stay on track and keep reaching towards your health gaols becomes a way of life and not an upstream battle.

Over the past few years, even more during lockdown, the digital world and particularly Facebook and Instagram have become the place we share our lives with others.  Free Facebook groups can provide support, information and inspiration however I think they have lost their personal touch.

Within the digital world there are now countless different types of health and well-being groups which focus on different aspects of health, be it fitness and exercise, healthy eating and weight loss, as well as mindfulness, selfcare and other lifestyle factors but they have become an impersonal vacuum so it is easy to lose interest and focus as well as the community benefit it was set up for.

Where to find YOUR Community

Having experienced this digital saturation and inevitable separation it is time for something new.

In our Menu&Mind community we know each other, we keep in touch, we care how you are getting on and what sort of week you have had, we share the ups and downs.  We want to keep you on track and moving forward, supporting and understanding your individual situations. We are bought together by the magic of technology but pride ourselves with keeping it personal.

“You will not find anywhere that will make you feel so loved and supported. They just carry you through.” Melanie, Cookham

If you are ready to make sustainable habit change to your eating, exercise, mindset and lifestyle for the benefit of your long-term health then this is the community for YOU.  Our membership includes:

  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Monthly 2 hour in person or zoom group coaching session 
  • Monthly weekend zoom cook along
  • Monthly zoom coffee & catch up
  • Walk and Talk sessions (when Covid allows)
  • Weekly zoom workout session with trained coach
  • Home workout and exercise ideas
  • Whole food recipe inspiration 
  • Habit & motivation support 
  • Discount when signing up to the 6 week foundation course

…..but more importantly it is a place for everyone to share, encourage, ask questions, have conversations and make friends.  As with any growing community it provides support and motivation to all who get involved, the more you put in the more you get out.

Menu&Mind Foundation Course

Our next 6 week foundation course starts on 21st April and is a way to really kick start your journey.  It is a unique programme to build new healthy eating and exercise habits that will make you look, feel and think differently especially about how to achieve long-term sustainable health that works for YOU! The course includes:

  • 6 x 2 hour group zoom session to set up and maintain YOUR plan
  • Recipe booklet including video demonstrations
  • E-coursework booklet
  • Access to the private Membership Facebook Group for 1 month

Sound Good?

Anya and I would love you to get involved, be inspired, find support and feel empowered with others in our community so let’s journey to better health and well-being together! To find out more head to our website:

or email me for a chat: